Katso myös valtakunnallisen Kohtuusliikkeen sivusto

The Finnish word "kohtuus" means moderation or restraint. It is also used as the translation for the Degrowth movement. Degrowth is a grassroots ideology based on ecological economics, anti-consumerism and anti-capitalism.

"Kohtuus" promotes moderation and restraint in fiscal policies, limiting consumption, restricting energy use and promoting renewable energy sources, rejecting advertising and consumerist culture, focusing on local knowledge and production, and overall recognising the strain we are putting on our planet and seeking solutions to work within its limits.

Kohtuus Kymenlaaksossa ("Degrowth in Kymenlaakso") is a grassroots citizens' network. It is not for profit and has no political affiliation. We simply want to stop competing, stop perfectionism, and work together. We want to think of ways to increase wellbeing in ways that make sense. Possibilities are many and varied, and we invite you to join our moderate group.

Let's make our surroundings a better place to live.

If you would like to join our network, please email kohtuus (ät) kohtuuskymenlaaksossa.net to join our mailing list. We also have a Facebook page, but the email is how we arrange meetings and other activities. Those include growing food in Kotka, time banking, lectures and sometimes just meeting to discuss the directions we want to take.